Beta Reading

Beta Reading Services

Please read the details below about Haunted Unicorn Publishing’s Beta Reading Services. Keep in mind, beta reading is no where near as in depth as a developmental edit. Then if you want to request my services, fill out and follow the directions on this Form.

What will I beta read?

  • Fiction only. Including short stories!
  • My specialties are fantasy and horror, but I will read almost any genre. I have critiqued many different genres, especially during my M.F.A. program.
  • No erotica, please, sorry.

What is included in a beta read?

  • One read through of your book.
  • As I read through, I will make notes. These will be purely reader reactions.
  • I will summarize my bigger, overarching suggestions once I reach the end.

What is NOT included in a beta read?

  • Copy editing, proofreading, grammar, sentence structure.
  • Fact checking.
  • Discussion about my comments. I am happy to clarify wording that doesn’t make sense to you, but for beta reading, I won’t do a back and forth to figure out how to fix specific problems (developmental editing includes this, though).
  • No rush requests, please.

What is the process for beta reading services?

  • Fill out the Beta Reading Request Form.
  • Email your document file per the instructions at the bottom of the above form. If it’s not ready, please send when it is.
  • I’ll reply to your request within 48 hours. You’ll receive available time slots, and I’ll ask any other questions I have.
  • Please make sure to send me your file at least 2 weeks before the time slot we decide on. I can’t do rush jobs, and depending on length of the book, beta reading can take some time.
  • After we settle on a time slot and once I have your file, I will give you a price quote.
  • Once you’ve accepted the price quote, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal for half of the cost (if the total cost is under $30, I will only send one invoice for the entire amount).
  • The half down must be paid before I start any work. Please pay promptly, or turnaround may be delayed (the only exception is for under $30 single invoices – these can be paid upon me sending you the comments).
  • I’ll complete the beta read, email it to you, and then send you the invoice for the remaining cost, to be paid upon receipt.
  • Throughout the entire process, I’ll strive to keep communication open and reply to emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

What’s the cost of beta reading?

  • $0.001 per word.
  • So, this means a 30,000-word book would cost $30 and a 90,000-word book $90.
  • $10 minimum cost – any short story under 10,000 words will still cost $10.

Interested in hiring Haunted Unicorn Publishing to beta read your book? Then what are you waiting for? Fill out the Beta Reading Request Form and let’s get started!