Ebook and Paperback Formatting Services

Please read the details below about Haunted Unicorn Publishing’s Ebook and Paperback Formatting Services. And then if you want to request my services, fill out and follow the directions on this Form.

What will I format?

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Ebooks – excluding image heavy Ebooks.

What is included in formatting?

  • Simple, but clean, Ebook and/or Paperback Formatting using the Vellum software.
  • Maximum 2 week turn around. Normally, it won’t take this long, but wiggle room is necessary due to work load and possible emergencies that crop up. You will be notified of the expected completion date.
  • Any fixes and changes that were Haunted Unicorn Publishing’s mistake – human error does happen, but I’m happy to fix my mistakes as long as you let me know!
  • Up to 3 edits of minor spelling and grammar tweaks – when you realize you need to change some things in your book, I’m willing to update your files if the changes are minor (minor decided on a case-by-case basis).
  • One free update of links after the ebook goes live, if you don’t already have the links ahead of time.
  • For Ebook: EPUB files – up to 6 different retailer versions, if requested (a list can be found in the Form). (Note: Yes, the Amazon file is now EPUB, but is specifically compatible to upload to Amazon. If you need it converted to MOBI for some other reason, please ask.) For Paperback: one PDF file of requested trim size.
  • A choice between 3 different styles – links to samples can be found below:
    • Style 1 – Kindred – Ebook sample downloadable EPUB and MOBI, as well as an easy to view PDF. Paperback sample viewable PDF.
    • Style 2 – Artisanal – Ebook sample downloadable EPUB and MOBI, as well as an easy to view PDF. Paperback sample viewable PDF.
    • Style 3 – Meridian – Ebook sample downloadable EPUB and MOBI, as well as an easy to view PDF. Paperback sample viewable PDF.
  • Changes in the paperback version compared to the ebook version (front matter, back matter, etc.). A questionnaire will be sent to note any requested differences.

What is NOT included in formatting?

  • No images – except for the cover.
  • Proofreading and editing of the book, front matter, and back matter. It is the author’s responsibility to make sure all information is ready to be formatted. Don’t send unedited material!
  • Major edits. If you extensively revise your book and need it reformatted, you’ll need to put in a new request and pay the required fees.
  • Immediate turn around. I can’t do rush jobs at this time, sorry.

What’s the process for formatting services?

  • Fill out the Formatting Request Form.
  • Email your cover file and your document file(s) per the Step-By-Step Formatting Instructions (please make sure to send all information that you want included in your book).
  • I’ll reply to your request within 48 hours. You’ll receive a price quote and completion date, and I’ll ask any other questions I have, including sending you the paperback formatting questionnaire to fill out if you’ve requested it.
  • You must accept the price quote before formatting work begins. I’ll contact you with any other questions as I’m formatting.
  • Once the formatting is complete, you will receive a bill via Paypal.
  • The bill must be paid before the formatted files are delivered (unless you’re a current client with a track record of paying – I will send the files and the invoice around the same time).
  • Once you’ve paid, I’ll email you your files!
  • Please let me know if everything looks good – any comments and feedback are welcome as well! I recommend viewing Amazon EPUB files in Kindle Previewer (you can also Export as a MOBI from that program, if needed) and other EPUB files in Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions (these are all free programs).
  • Throughout the entire process, I’ll strive to keep communication open and reply to emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

What’s the cost of formatting services?

  • 60,000 or less words
    • Ebook Only — $13
    • Ebook and Paperback — $26
    • Paperback Only — $18
  • 60,001 – 120,000 words
    • Ebook Only — $26
    • Ebook and Paperback — $52
    • Paperback Only — $36
  • 120,001 – 180,000 words
    • Ebook Only — $39
    • Ebook and Paperback — $78
    • Paperback Only — $54
  • 180,001+ words or Box Sets — Please fill out the Form and Haunted Unicorn Publishing will send you a quote.
  • If you’ve already had Ebook formatting done in the past and you want Paperback formatting at a later date of the same book, the combination price will be honored (so you’ll pay the difference for the added Paperback formatting).

What are the Extra Fees for formatting services?

Any discount codes do not apply to these fees.

  • $9 for up to 3 images (aside from the cover) included in the files – I won’t format image heavy titles at this time.
  • $9 for up to 6 more minor edits past the 3 included in the initial price. Minor edits include simple front/back matter updates (simple determined on a case-by-case basis) as well as link updates.
  • Major edits may be discounted compared to normal pricing depending on how extensive they are. Please contact me and I can discuss prices.

Interested in hiring Haunted Unicorn Publishing to format your book? Then what are you waiting for? Fill out the Formatting Request Form and let’s get started!