Here are what some clients had to say about Haunted Unicorn Publishing’s services:

“I hired Haunted Unicorn to do a beta read for my novella at a reasonable price and couldn’t be more pleased with the result. She pointed out where readers would get confused and where I could safely add internal dialogue without info dumping. Bonus: One of her comments inspired a delightful plot bunny that I plan to return to in the future. I am so grateful for her help and recommend her beta service.”

-L. Lowe

“Haunted Unicorn did a beta read for my short story. The price was very reasonable. The feedback was thoughtful, insightful, and thorough. Feedback came with inline notes applied to the draft as well as a detailed summary at the end. I highly recommend this service and intend to use it in the future.”

-Dean Stow

“Lori completed a Beta Read for my novel and went above and beyond by pointing out many issues I hadn’t foreseen. She also provided a detailed summary of the big picture problems with my book, which ranged from plot and character to the overall effect my narrative might have on readers. I’ll definitely use her services in the future!”

– Kirk Kilgrave

You can also find more testimonials on Haunted Unicorn Publishing’s thread in the Kboards forums!

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