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Formatting Instructions

Hi, everyone!

Just to let you all know, I’ve just added a detailed Step-By-Step Formatting Instructions page. I decided it would be best to have this listed on the website, instead of at the bottom of the Formatting Request Form.

If you think anything needs clarification or re-wording, just let me know. Thanks!

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Formatting Changes – Now Using Vellum!

Greetings, writers and readers! I hope your 2018 has started out well.

I have some changes in the new year to my Ebook Formatting services. I’m now using Vellum to format ebooks (and maybe soon I’ll even offer paperback formatting).

Because of this change, I’ve adjusted the prices as well as several details. Take a look at the updated information on the Formatting page. And I now have 3 different styles to choose from — the sample documents have been updated and I even have PDF versions available so you can easily view what the formatted ebooks will look like without having to download the EPUB or MOBI.

As for Developmental Editing and Beta Reading, slots are open from March forward. And as always, I will do a sample edit if requested.

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Ebook Formatting Prices Reduced!

After some thought, there’s been some changes…

The cost for formatting has been lowered, and the tiers have also been condensed. So, visit the Formatting page for the new prices!

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